Wood & WIre

by Still RIver

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A cornucopia of Rock from the roots.


released January 1, 2016

Still River:

Dan Cabanela / Lead Vocals, Electric & Acoustic Rhythm Guitars
Juan Gumuzio / Electric & Acoustic Lead Guitars, Dobro, Backing Vocals
Txema Solano / Bass & Double Bass, Backing Vocals
Isi Redondo / Drums & Percussion
Isra Redondo / Piano & Organ, Backing Vocals


Alain Sancho / Tenor Sax - Track 1,2 & 8
Christelle Diane Noussa / Vocals - Track 1,8 & 9
Javier Perez Rouco / Trumpet - Track 1,2 & 8
Juanan Diez / Trombone - Track 1,2 & 8
Juian Maeso / Hammond B3 - Track 1 & 9
Marcos Coll / Harmonica - Track 3
Mora Silva / Vocals - Track 1,8 & 9

“El nuevo disco de la banda Bilbaína, Wood & Wire, en el que dan cabida a numerosos estilos venidos del otro lado del charco, está llamado a ser uno de los mejores albumes nacionales de este año.  Dan Cabanela y sus chicos han hecho un trabajo asombroso, y nos alegramos por ello.” – Jorge Escobedo (Rocklive.es)

“Transcurridos cuatro años desde aquel disco debut, con el ajustado nombre de Demo, en el que se mostraban como unos alumnos solventes y con momentos sobresalientes de este tipo de sonidos ya mencionados, su continuación multiplica aquel resultado y explosiona las fronteras que podíamos adjudicarles por lo escuchado hasta este momento tanto en calidad como en amplitud de miras a la hora de desarrollar su estilo.
 Wood & Wire tiene todo para gustar a los amantes de los sonidos americanos. Hay que dejar de lado cualquier prejuicio geográfico y simplemente escuchar, porque lo que aquí hay es un rock, en su expresión más amplia, de excelente factura dispuesto a mirar a la cara, y salir triunfante de unos cuantos envites, prácticamente a cualquier disco del género hecho hoy en día.” – Kepa Arbizu (Rockin Bilbo)



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Still River Bilbao, Spain

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Track Name: High Time
This here's a shoe shine all bright and buffed
That there's a tan line all round yer stuff
I'm feeling so fine can't get enough
Yeah, and it's high time baby

This here's a big crowd the party's on
The music's up loud and I love this song
You're looking so proud all mean & long
Yeah, and it's high time baby

Hey, I'm dippin'
What you say?
I just can't take no more
Let's get on back to our cozy space
Let's get it all over the floor

This here's a cool night but it's warm in here
That there's the moonlight it's your turn to steer
Everything's alright when you pull me near
Yeah, and it's high time baby
Track Name: Sweet Vermilion
Did you get it all, Sweet Vermilion?
Did you get it all on the very first try?
Now I've got other things to do and
I can't sit around here with you
And the sun's going down for the very last time

Did you get it all, Sweet Vermilion?
Did you hear your children laughing around the bend?
Now as you look them in the eye
No matter how hard you try
The water just won't run down the river again

Did you get it all, Sweet Vermilion?
Did you get your share of your hearts desire?
All the vain lights searched of old
Are growing anchors on your soul
And the cards are all burning away in the fire

Did you get it all, Sweet Vermilion?
Did the women at home say it'd be this way?
All those friends you thought you made
Were making smiles out of paper-maché
And the night can't make out what's become of the day
Track Name: Cold WInd
Evenin’ boy, now keep a steady hand
Name's Chester Joe and you're a standin’ on my land
Pardon me good man, don't mean to be too slow
Headed west for the wishin’ well, my water's runnin’ low
Went six long days through the sun
The dust and the heat and the ache and I are one
I can see the hardship in your bones
But I got no time for a stranger in this home
And it's a cold
It's a cold wind blowing through the desert air
Takes a bold
A bold man when the world don't care to care
Find no peace wherever I should go
Maybe I'll cut on out, take my pony down to Mexico
Thought I had a plan but turned myself around
Lawmen killin’ in Juarez, the dead are never found
The sheriff of the Coloma dale
He’s got a taste for gold and so he locked me up into his jail
And it's a cold...
Left a dirty cell in the evenin’ gloom
Saw a hundred guns, nobody there to share a room.
Wake up rock with a bloody nose
Boots are gone, lizards nippin’ at my toes
Can't go no further on an empty sack
Ain't thinkin’ ’bout home 'cause I know I can't go back
And it's a cold
It's a cold wind blowing through the desert air
Takes a bold
A bold man when the world don't care to care
Do as you're told
It's a mean, old smile I don't care to wear.
Track Name: Jeremiah
Jeremiah's bringin’ down his fishin’ boat; some bait and tackle and a bottle of wine
Clearwater rowin’ all my worry away, I got a rainbow tuggin’ on my line
Feelin’ like a happy little kid in the game, I was leavin’ all my trouble behind
I been lost, double-crossed, I been blind.
Droppin’ anchor near our favorite grove and Jerry's pullin’ out a sachel of kind
Hittin’ on a fatty lying in the shade with only mother nature on my mind
Just when it couldn't get much better, I was thinking "Man, ain’t life fine"
I been lost, double-crossed, I been blind.
This time your gonna have to row. We got our lives out on the line
So paddle on Jerry! Paddle on Jerry!
Next one’s on me if we both get out alive
I been lost, double-crossed, I been blind
Driftin’ along, the sun got higher, lost all track of time
A sound like thunder started gettin’ louder, trees accelerating past my eyes
That’s when the bottom dropped right out, no time to say goodbye
I been lost, double-crossed, I been blind.
This time your gonna have to ...
Sometimes you’re doin’ all you can livin’ it up or gettin’ by
When some dumb fuck or just bad luck hits you right in the eye
Your perfect plan don’t stand a chance no matter how hard you try
You’ll feel lost, doubled crossed, You’ll feel blind
This time your gonna have to ...
Track Name: Broken Whistle
Broken whistle on the old freight train
No steam to blow through the curtain of rain
But it's all I got mine for now
Footsteps and keychains in the dead of the night
The mutter of lies in the shortness of sight
But it's all I got mine for now
Big situations in a world so small
Big voice keep talking saying nothing at all
But it's all I got mine for now
Nothing is simple nothing is near
Looking for clouds on a day so clear
But it's all I got mine for now
The cynic, the victim, the queen and the fool
Cards up their sleeves playing it cool
But it's all I got mine for now
Wise words and praise bounce of the wall
When nothing can get in there's nothing at all
But it's all I got mine for now
Can't draw a bucket from the dried-up well
Sun setting fast over heaven and hell
But it's all I got mine for now
Mule walking weary weighed down by the load
Falls in the ditch by the side of the road
But it's all I got mine for now
Box up the heirlooms clear out the hall
Take all you got till there's nothing at all
That's all I got mine for now
Track Name: Skatecam
Wake up in the morning light
Sun sipping the morning dew
Tie your shoes on nice and tight
Third pair so far this year you’ve burnt right through
Pack the gear with care
Got a long and busy day
Camera’s rolling, breathing air
Push off on the board and ride away
Get on the Skatecam
Traffic in the street is thick
Speeding all day downtown
Crowded sidewalk? Here’s a trick
The mobile jib is up, looking all around
Seen that steadycam
Smooth tracking up to 35
See an unexpected thing
360º swinging spin into a glide
You got to take this ride
Get on while you can
Get on the Skatecam
From the sunny west coast side
Rocky Mountains back home
To the busy Spanish streets
Where you never really seem to be alone
When you’re out again
Keep your eyes peeled, good and wide
Might just see him swerving in
He’ll Focus in on you while he’s passing by
You got to take this ride
Get on while you can
Never seen nothing like Skatecam
Track Name: Three-Fingered Jack
Hours waiting on the trail
Hear it through the hills, the armored stagecoach rolling near
Get the horses on the run
Leave ‘em cold in the desert sun
Hit the train on native land
Some passengers shot back, he lost two fingers on his shooting hand
Had to take the marshall down
To the hills is where he’s always bound
Catch the redeye freighter down the track
Keep your best friends near and tell ‘em all to watch your back
Think your safe but before you can react
You’re looking down the barrel of the Three-Fingered Jack
Sipping slow a second shot
Eyeing over easy prey, the Faro table's getting hot
Diamonds shining through the hand
'Till his knife takes 'em back again
A man can't always be at large
Thunder comes and shakes the ground, the Cavalry are on the charge
Fate is pushed upon his soul
Like a walk to the gallows pole
Catch the redeye...
Track Name: Yours To Take
Two cups of red reserve
Implicitness without measure
Ain't 'bout what you deserve
It's just a matter of pleasure
Warm sand below our feet
Salty sun in the sky
Night walks out on the street
No woman ever looked so fine
I know my heart might break
but it’s yours to take
Cold mountain, ten below
Hear the song of the sleigh-bell
Stone chimney, fire glow
Could’ve sworn I saw an angel
I know my heart might break
but it’s yours to take
and now that it's mine
I gonna walk this line
Come rain Come shine
Late evening candlelight
Feel the touch of your skin
Warm bodies feel so right
I don't know where to begin
I know my heart...
Track Name: Wake Up
You wake up You shake up You count your luck
And swear it's the very last time
The big day The long way The game you play
All you got, you ever want, to stay alive
Do you listen when the angels sing?
Do their secrets ever mean a thing?
A tough land A weak hand A broken plan
Hell bent on bringing you down
You're slackjawed The last straw You had enough
Without the will, the bell you got don't make a sound
Do you ever hear your demons cry?
Do you dare to look them in the eye?
I need you to lighten my load
I can take it if my head don’t explode
For all the times I chose not to say
Without you I wouldn't last a day
I once knew A man who Was good as new
When all is done it’s down to a name
The blind side The hard pride The lonely ride
Out of time there ain’t no use in taking the blame
Knowing all the times you tried to hide
All the things you thought you couldn’t find
I need you to lighten my load
I can take it if my head don’t explode
For all the times I chose not to say
Without you I wouldn't last a day
Track Name: Pho & the Spotted Cow
Twas a lucky alignment in a cold northern sky
We gathered our strings round the cosy fire-light
And the pranksters played lightly outside in the white
While the princesses danced round the castle well into the night
A smell of Sumatra made the clouds start to wane
A timid sun shone across frozen terrain
And the fish didn't bite after hearing the rain
But the smell of hot Pho came pouring right into my brain
Could it be so much love not so easily found
Could it be at a time when I've been feeling down
But the best I can feel is what I'm feeling now
With these bowls of hot Pho and a cold Spotted Cow
In the morning the ice was half an inch thick
Down the tube all our bodies went running too quick
And the wind bit our faces till we couldn't resist
But our brother and his mother and father all saved us from it
Twas the final four hours of an uneasy year
No time left to cry. No time left to fear
All our faces reflected what our hearts dared to cheer
And my belly hurt more from the laughting than it did from the beer.
Thanks be to old friends, thanks be to new
Thanks be to ties time can never undo
When we stop at the lights of this long avenue
Thanks be to just being me and to just being you